Add Accents to Your Bedroom Through Illumination

Lighting tends to be somewhat forgotten when it comes to finishing a bedroom. We tend to focus more on the furniture, bedding and styling of the room, however lighting is important in connecting the space with the intended style and vibe. Create your mood with the below lighting ideas.


Wall Lights

Wall lights are a not only a space saver to your besides, they add a features to walls. This is great for drawing attention to a statement bedhead or casting shadows over textured walls. Wall lights can become a design feature in itself. If you’re planning to install wall lights in an established home, have an electrician advise if this can be installed as they require a little more electrical work.

Pendants over bedsides

These are another stylish and more popular way to illuminate whilst being a space saver of your bedside tables. Pendants are a little easier to install in an established home. When installing be mindful of the height above the bedsides as well as the size of the pendant, smaller is better in this circumstance.

Table Lamps

The most common way to make a statement. Perfect for a Hampton and Coastal interior where you can use a linen or jute shade to reflect. Symmetry is not a necessity with your table lamps. Using odd lamps and styles give the room a more unique touch however it is important to have a balance of light illumination.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are not only used in the living room, they are ideal in a large bedroom or for a retreat zone in the master. Floor lamps work well in creating ambience in a corner space where you may have a seating arrangement. You should consider the style of the room before selecting a floor lamp and consider if one is spatially necessary.

Down Lights Over Bedhead

Task lighting such as down lights are popular and practical to have over bedheads. If built into a bulkhead over the bed, they create an architectural element to the room. Down lights and movable task lighting are great for those who read in bed.

Centre Room Pendant

A centre pendant gives a room the perfect opportunity to shine not only with ambience but character. An ornate chandelier would suit a classic, traditional bedroom whilst a rattan shade is the picture-perfect touch for a bohemian coastal room. Consider the size of the room and the location of the pendant.


Globes are just as much, if not more important than the light fixture themselves. The colour of the globe dictates the ambience of the room. A cool white gives a crisp modern look whereas a warmer tone can give a cosier and luxurious feel. The strength of illumination is also important to consider in a space, for example try not to use a high wattage globe for a small space as it can be too bright. For beside lighting, I’d recommend a soft warmer to neutral globe as a bright white is mainly used for task areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and will be too stark.













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