Designing the Ultimate Coastal Chic Space

A little boho, super beachy and the epitome of a relaxed oasis, the coastal chic vibe has been with us for a while now and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. No matter where you reside in Australia, from a city apartment to a beachside getaway, there’s nowhere this style won’t fit in. With its inspiration drawn from the sand and sun, it’s characterised by natural tones, raw fibres and a true appreciation for this place we call home. 

Muted Tones

Keep it natural with a base of white and ivory and build upon from here. Layer up different neutral shades through varying timbers, focusing on lighter options such as beech, bamboo or oak, and possibly consider the addition of some walnut if you feel the need for something slightly darker but still with a warm tone. Consider the Zoe Dining Table and Wishbone Dining Chairs for your dining area, Duke Bedhead, Juno Rattan Bedhead and Hayme Bedside Table for where you rest your head, and the Millicent Sofa, Terence Coffee Table and Madrid Sideboard for your living space. These pieces all ooze coastal chic and will create a perfect base for your beachy home. 

If you’re wanting to invite some colour in against your neutrals, think muted blues, dusty pink or sea green; colours that you’d find when you’re taking your evening stroll with the sand in your toes. Remember to keep it soft and subtle and to a minimum - the coastal chic look is all about keeping it relaxed and calming.

Raw Details

This style is all about bringing the outside in so don’t hesitate to introduce timber pieces, rattan furnishings, jute floor rugs and natural decor to your space. If it doesn’t look like it could sit comfortably out on your deck overlooking the ocean, then it may not be the right fit. These pieces will compliment one another, sticking to your neutral colour palette and drawing inspiration from our landscape.


Tactile Elements

Texture is extremely important in creating the ultimate coastal getaway, breaking up the sea of white and ivory and inviting a certain sense of whimsy to the space. Whether you opt for a subtle linen bed cover or a more tactile tasseled wall hanging, it brings warmth and interest to your living.

Don’t forget your lighting, this is a beautiful place to introduce texture, creating gorgeous dancing shadows as the sun goes down. Try these table lamps from MRD Home or linen ceiling lights from Zaffero.


Final Touches

It’s all about the accessorising. Keep it simple but not boring, pull in some patterns, don’t forget your tactile elements, and remember you’re going for a luxe beach shack vibe; a hanging rack of beautiful Turkish towels at your doorway won’t look out of place! 

Use mirrors to further open up your living, candles for those romantic evenings watching the ocean, and wall art to finish everything off.

Don’t be scared to experiment with your coastal chic vibe, just remember where your inspiration comes from; all you have to do is step outside your doorway.

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