How to Use and Style a Console Table

The console table is such a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to add personality and style to your home. Thanks to its slim proportions, a console table is a perfect accent piece to enhance your décor. Alternatively, it can prove a practical addition wherever space is limited. Traditionally the console table can be found in the hallway, its depth proving the perfect fit for the narrow confines of the space, but with a wide array of designs and styles to choose from, the console table can be used just about anywhere in the home with a multitude of purposes. 

No matter what your interior style, you’re sure to find a console table that grabs you. From timber consoles to glass consoles and mirrored consoles, console tables with drawers and shelves to more simplistic designs, it could be just the piece of furniture you need to complete your space. If you’re seeking a little bit of direction, begin by deciding what you want to use your console table for, and where you would like to put it, then read on for some styling ideas.

Where to Put a Console Table

An entrance hall is a great place to have a console table, whether as a practical surface for offloading items such as keys and mail when you walk in the door, or as a beautifully decorative piece to greet people when they enter your home.

Do you have an alcove or recess that looks a bit bare and needs livening up? This could be the perfect place for a console table to display a few of your favourite decorative items, plus you can add a lamp to transform the space from a forgotten dark corner to a useful and stylish part of your interior. If you’re looking to brighten up a dark area, then a mirrored console table 
with a table lamp on top, or a floor lamp to one side can really help to reflect the light and open up the space.

Dining Room
If you have a large dining table in your dining room, then you may not have a great deal of space left, so a long, slim console table could be just what you need to complete the room. The console can also provide practical storage for your tableware as an alternative to a dresser or display cabinet. If you choose a console with a lower shelf, you can add an arrangement of beautifully stacked plates and bowls.

A console table makes a brilliant dressing table in a bedroom. If you choose a table with open legs, you can place a stool or chair underneath, then add a table mirror and you have the perfect beauty space. A mirrored console table looks particularly glamorous in the bedroom, such as the Krystal Mirror Console Table by Cafe Lighting and Living.

In the kitchen a console table could come in handy for extra work space or surface space for utensils or cook books. Underneath you can place baskets for vegetables or logs, or a freestanding wine rack. If the console incorporates drawers this could be a great place for cutlery or napkins.

Home Office 
Do you require a dedicated space to work or use your laptop but you don’t have the floor space for a traditional desk? Then a console table with a stool or desk chair could be ideal. Transform a space under the stairs or a redundant corner and create a stylish and inviting area to work. Beautifully stacked boxes or baskets can be placed beside the console table for storage with a floor lamp or angle poise lamp to light the area. 

If you have the space in your bathroom
 then a console table could be could be a stylish way to stack towels and arrange cosmetics or other decorative items on top.

Tips for Decorating a Console Table

Kalar Console Table by Frank Hudson

A console table will look right at home with an item positioned centrally on the wall above. This could be a single piece of artwork, a gallery arrangement of photos or a decorative item such as a clock or a mirror. This helps to anchor the console table visually and incorporate it more seamlessly into your décor.

Alternatively, if you are extending the vignette with furniture or accessories next to your console table such as a chair or a trio of baskets, you can place your anchoring piece off centre to pull the whole arrangement together.

Brinda Boutique Console Table by Bodhi

Make your console table part of a wider composition with a decorative item to one side. This could be an occasional chair, a floor lamp, a pot plant or an umbrella stand.

Play with height and symmetry and place two matching ornamental objects or lamps at either end of your console table, then finish with a number smaller items arranged in the middle.

Frank Hudson Walter Console Table

Opt for a stripped back, organic style with a cluster of simplistic or rustic decorative pieces in various shapes and sizes. Here the clear glass bottles and vases add shape and depth whilst maintaining a clean and simple feel. Complete the vignette with a stack of books or magazines topped with a trailing plant to soften the look and enhance the informal effect.

 Bodhi Vivian Console Table

An asymmetrical arrangement can look more relaxed and very stylish. Use objects of different heights so your surface does not look cluttered. A table lamp is a great way to add height at one end. A few small, spherical objects will help break up the lines and give a natural, shapely look to the layout.

You can utilise the space beneath the console whether you have a shelf or not. A neat stack of books is used above, but you can also play with stacks of boxes and baskets, or you can place a stool or ottoman in the space beneath your console table. 

Pampalona Console Table Black

This Ming Bronze Console Table by Liang and Eimil provides a stunning way to display a lamp, vase or sculpture in the space below the console table.

If you wish to see more then you will find that we have an extensive range of console tables available.  

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