Reimagining Glam

Opulant. Bold. Sassy. Just a few words to describe the glam trend that’s launched us into the new decade. From gold accents to rich colours, it’s certainly not for those seeking understated decorating, but with a few careful considerations, this style can be refined and elegant and oh-so-beautiful.

Colour Galore

We’re talking rich blues, deep purples, mustard, emerald, ruby - you get the idea. And there’s no limit on to where you pull these colours in; lounges, bedding, wallpaper and rugs, your imagination is the limit. Don’t forget the metallic accents to truly achieve the glam vibe, featuring gold, copper and brass in table legs, bedsides, floor lamps and vases. Be considerate in how you combine these colours; do you choose one tone and explore different shades or do you select two contrasting statement colours to focus on? Don’t forget your neutrals to tie it all together; greys and beiges are a great base which can be in the form or a marble table or cosy rug.

Here are our favourite glam toned pieces:
Studio Arm Chair
Jalpa 3 Seater
Mallow Side Table

Keep It Soft

Rounded corners, flowing edges, soft shapes, this is what it’s all about when you’re reimagining glam. You can’t go past a shell shaped occasional chair (velvet of course), rounded arm sofa, circular bedside or feature lamp. Try to avoid sharp corners and angles in your furniture if you’re going for the glam trend, they don’t quite fit.

Where to start...
Provence Sofa
Shell Chair
Marlin Floor Lamp

Tactile Elements

It’s all about the velvet. Cushions, sofas, bedheads, you name it, it’s gotta be velvet. Add some fringing in your soft furnishings or lampshades and some piping details on your sofa to accentuate the tactile element in the room. Hammered metallic surfaces or marble tops add a beautiful contrast to the soft furnishings.

Welcome some texture with these items:
Brighton Bench
Velvet Lounge Cushion
Jimi Occasional Chair

Make a Statement

There’s no being shy when it comes to reimagining glam; you don’t even have to pick just one or two statement pieces - go all out as long as they compliment one another. Get that gorgeous plush sofa you’ve always wanted with the dome lamp overhead and opulent sideboard. Be creative; the statement piece isn’t necessarily going to be the largest piece in the room but you sure aren’t going to miss it when you step inside.

You can’t go past these pieces if you’re looking to make a statement:
Nobbu Sideboard
Allegro Kaster Sofa
Camden Dining Table

Patterns Plus

Draw patterns in through floor rugs, cushions and throws giving the room further depth and interest. Be careful with your combinations but also don’t be afraid to venture out of the norm - you don’t have to pick just one. Keep in mind your colour palette that you established earlier. Your patterned rug could even become the statement piece of your room.

Some of our favourite patterned pieces:
Adelaide Rug
Plantation Buffet
Saskia Chest of Drawers

It’s the Little Things That Count

Now that you’ve finalised your colour palette, chosen your statement pieces and patterned features, you’ve got to finish it all off. Did you ever see a glamorous room that wasn’t abundant with glass vases, candles and mirrors? Top that sideboard with a statement sculpture, open the room up with a metallic-framed mirror and bring a little personality with memories on the mantle in gorgeous photo frames.

Those details though:
Black & Gold Jar
Marietta Vase
Jalen Canvas

Reimagining glam. It’s a little sexy, a little sophisticated and a lot luxurious. 
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