Why buffets, sideboards & consoles are so important in your home

Buffets, sideboards and consoles have many uses besides they are great for storage. They add sophistication and class to a living or dining room. The size and style does need consideration to fit and be suitable for the space.


Zone living and dining 

If the living/dining area is rectangular and the layout requires the back of your couch in view, consider placing a large buffet against the back of the couch. This will create definition between the living and dining space as well as disguise the couch back should this be unattractive.

Why buffets, sideboards & consoles are so important in your home

Add to the theme of the home

Carry the theme throughout the home by incorporating a console or sideboard piece. This type of furniture is great to use as a bespoke piece in the home. Alternatively, matching the range or material of the dining table, media unit and other pieces will marry the space.

Complete the room harmoniously 

Bring unity to your home by having all the relevant furniture your house should have. Avoid the feeling of an empty and un-homely space by utilising blank walls which warrants furniture. For example, console tables are perfect for hallway nooks.  However, be mindful, just because there is a blank space this doesn’t mean this needs to be used. White space is also important


You can never have enough storage! Buffet units are particularly useful in dining rooms if the kitchen lacks storage. Buffets are ideal to store items for table settings and things that may not be utilised as often in day to day kitchen use. Consoles and sideboards with drawers and doors are great for a general "tossing" area for mail and keys as well as storage for those extra items you may use regularly.

Decorative Display

Let this be an opportunity to display beautiful pieces. Try not to clutter your sideboards and buffets but keep them relevant to the room. For example, a dining room piece would look great with decorative plates and pottery. Console and sideboards look beautiful with art hung above, feature table lamps, styled pieces and family photos.









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