WORKING FROM HOME - Creating The Perfect Home Office Space

As people all over the world are finding themselves working from home, we have put together some home office design ideas that will help you to stay focused and make the most of the space available to you. Using our tips and tricks, plus a little imagination, you can create an inspiring home office that will help you stay motivated and productive.


Try designating a particular corner or surface as your work station. Where it is and how it’s decorated can have a real impact on your efficiency and wellbeing, so experiment to find a space that suits you; ideally located in a quiet place where you can fully commit to your work without distractions. If you work in the main rooms like your living room, dining room or kitchen, you risk being interrupted by your family members carrying out day-to-day tasks. Many people function best in a calm, clutter-free environment, but others might prefer to be surrounded by colour – it’s a very personal choice. Should you find yourself working from a dining table or spare room, think about any interior changes you can make to ensure it’s as comfortable and inspiring as possible – perhaps hanging a favourite artwork on the wall or moving furniture so that you have a view out of a window.


Our workspace can make a real impact when it comes to our motivation and productivity, but working from home does not need to impair your output. Lighting is a profound mood-influencer and is worth prioritising when choosing the best room to work from. Poor lighting conditions can cause tiredness, eye strain and even headaches. A field study found a significant positive link between daylight and productivity and found that natural light has been shown to improve alertness, so a brightly lit space plays a crucial role in the home office. Letting natural light in can lift our spirits and make your home office a place you want to be in. Daylight will also pay a fine compliment to your home office design, just remember to consider glare when using a computer.


Easily the most uninteresting of the four kinds of light. Ambient light helps create mood, accent lighting makes your room look better and decorative lighting is any lamp that is beautiful in itself. Task lighting, on the other hand, is just the light you need to do whatever job you need doing and all sorts of mundane things count: the dentist’s lamp, the light in the fridge… even the bare lightbulb hanging from the rafters in the loft counts as task lighting. The good news is that around the home, there’s no reason why task lighting can’t come together with decorative lighting in perfect, stylishly practical harmony. Particularly in the winter months or in rooms without plenty of windows, it is important and worth investing in suitable lamps to ensure your workspace is well lit. 

Perhaps the most obvious task lamps around the home are desk lamps. The classic Anglepoise-style lamp has been a staple of domestic studies for decades, despite its original purpose as a tool for doctors and dentists. It is interesting that this eminently practical construction – a hooded lamp on an adjustable arm – has become a design classic, with different lighting craftsmen giving the basic structure an industrial, mid-century or retro look.



Research shows that greenery is key when it comes to concentration. The American Psychological Association found that workers in spaces with plants showed 15% higher productivity than those without. Aside from freshening up your space, plants add visual interest to a room while also promoting a healthy, calm environment. The best plants to incorporate in to your home office space are:

  • Peace Lily – they don’t need much light and help remove toxins from the air
  • Devil's Ivy – these plants can adapt easily to a variety of conditions
  • Chinese Evergreen – offers visual variety and requires little maintenance

You can create your perfect oasis within your own home instead of going outdoors. Fengshui specialists say that putting your table near the window is a bad idea, but we believe that taking a look outside from time to time and giving your eyes a break from the screen can be very helpful. Another way to incorporate some greenery is by cultivating an indoor garden. Real or artificial, the effect will bring your workspace to life and add interest with organic textures and a dose of much-needed colour.



If you decide (or need) to stare at a wall, make it a beautiful one with some artwork. It goes without saying that artwork can certainly lift the mood within a space whilst also injecting colour, texture and pattern.

Choosing art that resonates with you not only adds soul and character to your home office area but also ensures that every time you look at it, your spirits are lifted. Make sure that you connect with the art and bring your own personality into play when selecting pieces to hang or prop up against the walls.



If your space allows for it, choosing a comfortable home office desk that suits your needs is essential in planning your home office. The size of the desk depends on your needs. Some people, working with their computers, love small narrow desks, while others love working on a big desk which fits all their documents and paraphernalia. Buying a desk that you like is important when it comes to working from home. It should fit nicely in the space you’ve chosen, accommodate all of your equipment, and be a design and finish that you love. There is a whole range of desks to choose from; finding one you like will help you stay productive and comfortable in your home office.  When you choose your furniture and other items that make up your home office, make sure they’re colours and materials that fit your personality and style. You’ll be far happier working in an environment you think looks good and matches the layout of the rest of your home.


As sitting down for a long time is now the norm, it is paramount to choose the right chair to prevent backaches and discomfort. Opt for a chair that feels comfortable to you. Ergonomic chairs can help to correct and maintain a good and healthy posture. Similarly, you can use just enough padding to cushion your body sufficiently, enabling you to work in conform. Your office chair is an integral part of your home office set up. A comfortable chair can make all the difference to a day working from home, dragging one from the living room that is too short, not particularly comfy and doesn’t match the design of your home office will leave you with a lack of motivation and a sore back. Once you find an ergonomic, stylish chair to add to your home office, you’ll be ready to take on the day as soon as you sit down. Alternatively, if you only sit at your desk occasionally, you can look for beautiful dining chairs with armrests which are a perfect substitute for a traditional office chair. In this regard, your chance of finding the perfect chair is increased. Of course, you should keep in mind that they are not ergonomic and are not suitable for long hours sitting at your desk. These chairs look really good when placed in any room and can be a be an opportunity to inject some fun and personality into your space by breaking the mould.



If clutter is becoming a massive distraction whilst you work, then it’s time to think about storage solutions for your workspace. A space to keep your creative ideas, notes and keepsakes organised is essential for any home office. The best place to start is with shelves that are fitted above eye level, where you can display the things that inspire you most and need ready access to. We also recommend other practical solutions like bookcases with a filing unit at the bottom or desks that are fitted with a drawer or two. Alternatively, you could consider a storage bench to keep files, books and magazines in and use it as a working spot when you want a change from your chair. Organization is key - try to use use every trick in the book. Nobody works well in a messy home office. Don’t waste an ounce of space tucking printers, filing, etc into corners and in drawers. Use all your vertical space too, by putting cabinets up to the ceiling with varying types of storage and a wall hanging pin board to help organize supplies that might otherwise end up shoved in a drawer.



Our customer services team are always on hand should you require any assistance in choosing your home office furniture or need further information relating to the products shown above.


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